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Jeudi 26 mars 2020

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Endoscopie & COVID-19

Please contribute to the COVIDBronch GPS Bronchoscopy Database if you perform bronchoscopy in known or suspected COVID-19 patients.

WHY : Urgent need to define risks and benefits of bronchoscopy in known or suspected COVID-19, including risks for bronchoscopy staff.

WHAT : This online survey will only take 5 minutes and is a survey-based data input regarding bronchoscopy practice patterns, diagnostic yields, and complication rates in patients with known COVID-19 or COVID-like illness.

WHO: If you perform bronchoscopy in patients with known or suspected COVID-19, you may contribute to this database. We seek robust international participation during this worldwide pandemic.

WHEN : Whenever you perform a bronchoscopy in a patient with (1) confirmed COVID-19, OR (2) COVID-like illness (at least one non-invasive test for COVID-19 sent, or in COVID-related isolation per local policy, or at least moderate suspicion for COVID-19).