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Mardi 7 juin 2022

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GSK Awards 2022

The audition of the 27 candidates took place on 25 May at the Hilton Brussels hotel. The members of both juries were present and congratulated all the candidates for the quality of their work.



Céline Maquet and Merel Jacobs have been awarded for the two BASIC SCIENCE GSK AWARDS 2022.


1st price - 2000 € - Céline Maquet (ULiège)                                                               

Ly6Chi monocytes balance regulatory and cytotoxic CD4 T cell responses to control virusinduced immunopathology  

Céline Maquet     







2nd price - 1500 € - Dr. Merel Jacobs (UGent)

Cross-talk between memory B cells and fibroblasts contributes to COPD pathogenesis

Merel Jacobs








Levi Hoste and Eline Janssens have been awarded for the two CLINICAL SCIENCE GSK AWARDS 2022.


1st price - 2000 € - Levi Hoste (UZ Gent)                                                               

TIM3+ TRBV11-2 T cells and IFNγ signature in patrolling monocytes and CD16+ NK cells delineate MIS-C                                                                                 

Photo Levi Hoste








2nd price - 1500 € - Dr. Eline Janssens (UAntwerpen)

External Validation of a Breath Test for Pleural Mesothelioma: Final Results of the MesoBreath Series

Eline Janssens








We would like to thank all the members of the juries for being present to moderate the sessions and the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for financially supporting the day.