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Vendredi 27 mars 2020

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Oncologie & COVID-19

Because of high relevance in the current context we encourage you to make a contribution in the field in participating to a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on oncological patients (Liang W, Cancer patients in SARS-CoV-2 infection: a nationwide analysis in China, Lancet Oncol February 14, 2020 :

Together with IASLC and ESMO, and with the help of Vanderbilt University, the officers of Assembly 11 of ERS have developed an online REDCAP survey which allows to register the incidental cases of COVID19 + patients with lung cancer, mesothelioma or thymic tumours.

Although the data entered are pseudononymized, an ethical board approval is necessary in order to get an institutional login. There will be a central ethical Board application and a common Informed consent form.

In case you are interested to participate to this survey, the following steps are to be taken :

1) confirm your interest to Prof. Van Meerbeeck, the national coordinator in Belgium (
2) start earmarking the candidate patients and collecting the necessary data in your medical file (see attached data file)
3) as soon as you get an institutional login, submit your cases online. The REDCAP dbase is intuitive and allows you to return for completing missing data.

Please find herewith the details of the protocol and data fields.