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maandag 15 juni 2020

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Dear Colleague,

We hope that those of you who were able to join the BeRS webinar “
Hygiene and practical organization of rehabilitation in patients with and without COVID-19 in different care settings” have found it interesting.

Unfortunately, as many of you noticed, we encountered a technical error (Zoom only allowed 100 attendees while we were licensed for 500) that could not be solved in time. We want to sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Of course we will make sure that each of you has the chance to watch the webinar online.


Therefore, please find the LINK to watch the retransmission. 


Should you have remaining questions regarding the webinar content, you can forward them to until Monday 22/06/2020. We will collect questions and either respond to you individually or create a FAQ section.

Pro-Q-Kine will be automatically contacted if you provided your RIZIV-number with the subscription (using the specific Pro-Q-Kine link) – also if you were not allowed in the meeting. If you did not provide your RIZIV-number yet, we encourage you to send it to in case you watched the webinar or intend to watch it in the upcoming week.
With kindest regards,
Prof. Wim Janssens                                        Mr. Chris Burtin
BeRS President                                              Chair Respiratory Physiotherapy WG