12th Update Symposium Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing 

Saturday 3 June 2023 at Duomed Belgium



Saturday 3 June 2023 at Duomed Belgium
The Working Group on Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Belgian Society of Cardiology join forces once again with Duomed Belgium to organise the12th Update Symposium Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing.

Theoretical background and practical issues concerning exercise tests will be presented and discussed, together with some interesting case studies.

Due to the multidisciplinary character of these exercise tests, this course is intended for cardiologists, pulmonologists, sports doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, students and technicians.

If you wish to attend this symposium, go to https://forms.office.com/e/jRHHLcWEuj   or
or scan the QR code to fill out the registration form 


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